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Money Avenue is a financial services firm that provides Banking services and lends to individuals & businesses nationwide. We are an emerging FinTech firm that provides funding across a variety of products, most prominently residential home loans, investment property loans, business loans & lines of credit, and personal finance solutions. Our company also specializes in helping small enterprises establish, build, and optimize their business credit.

Money Avenue gets our clients funded quickly with great terms to achieve their financial goals. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we make cryptocurrency, borrowing, banking, and investing more accessible to the general public. We make the impossible possible in the communities we serve nationwide.

A. Donahue Baker, CPA – Co-Founder, President

A. Donahue Baker is the co-founder & President of Money Avenue. Donahue’s specialty is in helping clients create generational wealth through real estate acquisitions and entrepreneurial investment opportunities. His deep commitment in helping others accomplish their life goals is the driving force behind his passion.

Donahue is a successful real estate developer with a portfolio that includes over 500 units of residential/commercial properties nationwide. He is a best selling author and nationwide speaker.

Donahue is active in many non-profit and social organizations such as Conscious Capitalism: a non-profit organization dedicated to enterprises and people who choose to follow a business strategy in which they seek to benefit both human beings and the environment; and Social Venture Network a network of socially responsible business leaders who are committed to creating a more just and sustainable world.

Donahue holds a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology.

Tommy Holt Jr – Chief Marketing Officer

Tommy Holt Jr. is the Chief Marketing Officer of Money Avenue. Tommy is passionate about ensuring that clients can easily access all of the products and services that Money Avenue has to offer. The four pillars our company stands on – Outreach, Education, Ease of Use, & Investing – are all part of what Tommy brings to the table. He has the unique ability to craft a message helps people see a clear path to financial literacy and generational wealth.

Tommy is a veteran of the US Army & the US Coast Guard. As an Army medic he was one of the first responders to the terror attacks at the Pentagon on 9/11. While serving in the US Coast Guard he became the 1st Black Direct Response Operator for an Elite Coast Guard counter-terrorism team.

Tommy went on to become a SWAT officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department, before starting a series of both online and brick & mortar businesses. His leadership experience from the military and law enforcement, along with his business development & marketing experience, has led to his continued success.

Tommy is also a successful real estate investor & trainer with over 100+ real estate investment deals under his belt. His passion for helping the community realize their full potential is his driving force. By crafting the right messages to accurately and efficiently facilitate the absorption of information that will create financial legacy, Tommy passionately believes we can change our communities – one block at a time.

Tommy is an alumnus of North Carolina A&T University and member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Will Roundtree

Will Roundtree offers the world a unique lens into wealth building strategies and examines opportunities for his communities to expound on their knowledge and have effective practices in which they can apply that knowledge.

From homeless to millionaire, Will Roundtree has established himself as a staple in the real estate investment sector, his expertise has garnered him recognition among his peers and those in his community, equally. As the founder and top-grossing principal at WE Management Services, Inc., Roundtree has helped over 1500 small to medium businesses get access to over 300 million dollars in funding during a two-year period. Roundtree's road to success has been nothing short of miraculous. In 2005 he left his hometown of Milwaukee, WI, with a borrowed 500 dollars and headed towards Las Vegas. Once there, Roundtree found the ruthless realities of living without a financial plan and imperfect credit. His applications were denied for housing, and this left him homeless and living out of his car.

In addition to these accolades, Roundtree is ever-present in his community. With the inception of his non-profit he helped to co-found, Commontree helps serve underprivileged children and families in Las Vegas, NV. His giving does not stop there. Roundtree lends his time to a mentoring program and is in his first round of his 50 Men Series. This series is dedicated to the community, at large, who wants to learn and apply financial learning into personal growth in finance, starting businesses and creating generational wealth.

Recognized by Inc. Magazine as America's 9th Fastest Growing Financial Services Company!

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